Email Marketing

If you have a small business that is constantly offering new events, offerings or updating products, email marketing should be a priority for you. As important as social media is to your business, there will always be people who either boycott it or don’t know how to use it properly. Email marketing is exactly how you catch and engage with that part of your audience!

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MailChimp Account Setup:
$30 / flat fee

MailChimp Account Maintenance:
TBD / monthly - based on number of contacts + sends

MailChimp Facebook Integration for Email List Building:
$100 / flat fee

MailChimp Form Integration for Email List Building:
$150 / hour

Branded MailChimp Templates:
$50 / per template + $20 / hour programming

Strategy + Copywriting:
$40 / hour

Email Programming + Send:
$100 / per email + $20 / hour programming