Hi, I’m Ang!



Freelancing for nearly a decade now, I am often teased that having just one job is not something I seem to be capable of!

I graduated Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2013 with a bachelor degree in Graphic Design, minoring in Web Technology.

After college, I spent more than four years at a local marketing agency moving my way from Assistant Web Developer to Social Media Manager and my final role of Email & Marketing Automation Manager. I spent these years building websites, updating content and enhancing SEO before I moved onto creating social media accounts. From then on, I created and managed social media marketing campaigns for up to 25 clients at one time. I provided Facebook advertising specializing in audience building, page like campaigns, job recruitment campaigns, blog post & event boosting. I also spent my time designing, programming and executing monthly newsletter and weekly event emails for all of our clients and getting my paws muddy in the world of marketing automation.

2018 brought opportunity my way, as I am now managing a small business in the area. Through this hands-on experience, I have had the chance to do a lot more than digital marketing. However, by being a new link in the community and working to rebuild this existing business, I have been given an insider’s view of other small businesses in the Williamsport area. Unfortunately, there are still many that are in dire need of both digital marketing education and implementation, which has always been my true passion!

Smaller rural areas hidden in the valleys of Pennsylvania are often behind the times of digital waves in our larger cities but digital marketing is not a phase. It is the way of our new age world! Executing it correctly and effectively can some times be what could make or break a small business. I am here to help!

I want your small business to blossom and our community to thrive.

For more background information on me, view my full resume on LinkedIn.